Thursday, July 8, 2010

There is something so mystical...

about the Haider Ackermann Design. The raw, sort of scientific nature of his clothes, complemented perfectly by the sinuous cuts of fabric that are draped, folded, and tucked, create a magic that belongs only to Haider Ackermann. His clothing has the ability to traverse not only lifetimes and eras, but worlds, lending an enigmatic power in the message that his design commands. It's the subtlety of a piece of fabric cut so that it resembles a doily, peeking out from underneath a jacket, or the way the collar of a leather vest extends so that it wraps around the neck of a model, almost resembling a DNA strand. The geometric (commonly triangular, or spherical) shapes of fabric that fall beautifully on the body all while retaining a pragmatism that appeals to more than one type of customer allow the strength to emanate from within the woman. A reverse peplum on the rear of a jacket, a leather corset with swirling zippers, or the beauty of a high-necked, asymetrical collar completing a motorcyle jacket possess a quality that is far more interesting than stylish, allowing you to look at Fashion Design with a new vision. Easily seductive, yet in a different manner than the instantaneous nature that has overtaken the world, and much of Fashion Design today, Haider Ackermann's design is truly his own. This enigmatic quality that belongs to his clothing, can only be attributed to belonging to him as well. A powerful Designer.

Haider Ackermann Fall 2010

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faceculture said...

Amber, love your work so much.

Looking forward to the semester when I know you will be back at your desk studying and reflecting on our joint passion.

Speak soon.